AIDAM – Italian Association Of Mechatronics And Automation. Marco Monaco Regional Delegate For Abruzzo And Molise.

In the last session of the AIDAM’s board of directors, Marco Monaco was nominated Regional delegate for Abruzzo and Molise region. Take in charge this assignment with other territorial delegates, David Barbato for Veneto region , Raffaele Barile for Puglia region , Michele Merola for Lazio region, Daniele De Matteo for Campania region and Sergio Paganelli for Piemonte region. Aumatech joined to AIDAM association with Innova Enterprise Network, network of companies composed by two other companies, Hexagon Engineering and Marsystem where Aumatech is the leader. AIDAM (Italian Association of Mechatronics and Automation) based in Cinisello Balsamo (MI) was founded in April 2011 by ten years experience AIDA (Italian Association of Assembly) to represent the innovative mechatronics industrial sector on the Italian territory. AIDAM is the reference point of Italian businesses around this innovative discipline, by manufacturers of automation equipment with “turnkey” solution. Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field that studies the integration of three disciplines, mechanical engineer, electronics and computer engineering. Mechanics, Electronics and Information technology are now integrating with actuators and electronics system in order to realize complementary modules.