Aumatech for environment

The DEF tank ( Diesel Exhaust Fluid) for Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegate cars will be produced by FCA Groups with machinery supplied by Aumatech.

The US EPA and EURO6 directives indicate the polluting emission standards and are enforced to all new produced vehicle. Standars to reduce air pollution , restrict the nitrogen monoxide emission and reduction of particulates discharged .All the car manufacturer are forced to adapt the new vehicles to new directives. Highlighted by Diesel Gate , the scandal which involved Volkswagen group to manipulate the emission data , the reduction of polluting by UREA is the argument of the year. The UREA is a chemical compound and is used as additive to cut down the polluting emission of nitrogen monoxide generated by combustion on industrial installation and on vehicles with Diesel motor. Is injected on exhaust system a watery solution ( commercial name AdBlue) that, trough chemical reaction by catalytic system ( SCR – Selective Catalytic Reduction), convert the nitrogen monoxide in molecular nitrogen and water. Since 2008 this technology is used on some vehicles with medium-high power but in the future each car with Diesel motor must be equipped with AdBlue technology that is composed by : catalytic system (SCR), flue gas temperature sensor upstream to SCR, NOx probe downstream m UREA injector , UREA (DEF) tank, UREA pipe heating and UREA heating control unit. The UREA before to be injected on exhaust manifold is contained inside of tank named DEF ( Diesel Exhaust Fluid) . Is just in the production process of this special equipment where Aumatech has put in place his technical know-how acquired over the years in manufacturing machine for Fuel tank production. In fact Aumatech realize since several years machinery for DEF tank production obtained trough Blow Moulding Process technology ( BMM) for other customers ( Tier 2) with final destination the most important car manufacturer as Audi and Toyota. The technical know-how has permitted the acquisition of this important project for FCA Group . Now Aumatech provide today production machine for DEF tank produced by plastic injection process : preferred today by all car manufacturer compared to blow molding technology. The machines are realized following the customer specification and could be equipped with different equipment types requested by technical specification ( welding unit, cutting unit, bushing mounting , etc.) . The most important machine are :

– AUMATECH 14-6 HPW ADM – pump module welding machine ( ADM – AdBlue Delivery Module).

– AUMATECH 14-6 HPW – upper shell and lower shell welding machine using full electric technology . Upper and lower movable jig with dimension 1400x600mm . – The welding technology is hot plate and in addition to , self centering device that permit to obtain aligned welding between components and tank welding path , the machine are equipped with thermography system to control the temperature and dimensions of component and tank. Furthermore the machine are equipped with traceablity system that, further to store all components code and process parameter , provide to store the thermography inspection as a Thermoimage. The temperature monitoring is assured also during upper and lower shell welding process.