Aumatech To New York Marathon

With the bib nr. 28145 Mr. Marco Monaco one of the business partner of Aumatech company competed to the most famous Marathon in the World that is TCS New York city Marathon which was held on 05.11.2017. The course 42.195 meters long starting from Staten Island , passing through Verrazzano bridge and districts of Brooklin , Bronx , Queens until the finish line in Central Park.

Mr. Marco Monaco say : ” Compete , running with the word Italia and Aumatech brand impressed on my shirt,  being supported by New York spectators presents to the entire course has been a great and unique experience. Compete in Marathon and completing ,arriving to the finish line ,it means months of preparation , hard training , effort and mainly tenacity but the results will arrive. A big Italian World Athletics Champion named Pietro Mennea said : ” Effort is never wasted , you suffer but after you dream!” is  also his book’s title. The message I wanted to give , together with other businessman friends, is clear : put the same diligence , the same tenacity , the same spirit of sacrifice in our life and to manage our companies , only in this way is possible to overstep our bounds and be ready to new challenge, there aren’t shortcuts”.

Mr. Marco Monaco is a member of Podistica San Salvo ( city where is Aumatech plant) , association that get together a lot of nonprofessional runners, he competed to several running races and marathons mainly Rome Marathon in combination with ANCI ( National Association of Italian Municipalities ) national marathon championship  reserved to municipal administrators , where he competed as a Mayor of Tufillo city , province of Chieti. He arrived to New York Marathon finish line with official time 3h 30min 28 sec, his personal time record.