New Plant For Aumatech Headquarter

Thanks to the customer trust and the choice of new realities that are relying to us for their business investment , Aumatech is growing up continuously each year in terms of turnover that people employed , in light of this, the existing available space for business begins to be getting tighter .

The project was approved in October of this year and immediately began work for new plant construction on a total area of approximately 3000 sq/m.  The new space available for the activity is divided in 1300 sq/m for machines assembly and testing workshop, 100 sq/m area for workshop service  and 500 sq/m  offices where designers from our engineering division take place with administration, sales and after-sales service.

With the new facility and new available space, almost twice than the current one, the target is to increase production capacity to meet the customer demands, which will result an increasing of business volume ( turnover) with positive result in terms of company operating income and people occupation.

Aumatech established in June 2011 by Luigi Tereo, Luigi Ciancaglini and Marco Monaco , today is established reality that provide design and construction special machines for Automotive components manufacturing employing 22 people with representative office in Belgium , and supply and install machine for customer in Italy and abroad as well as France ,  Luxembourg, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Germany, Poland, South Africa, Morocco, Brazil, North America and China.

Our slogan is and will continue to be ” We raise your business”.