Aumatech Among The Three Hundred Italian Companies Champions Of Growth And Driving Forces Of Recovery

Aumatech among the three hundred Italian companies Champions of Growth and Driving Forces of Recovery, has won the prestigious acknowledgment as “Champion of Growth“ by Busineses&Finance – La Repubblica and the German Institute of Quality and Finance.This important prize as been awarded thanks to the result obtained in the three-year-period 2013-2016, in which Aumatech positioned itself among the most dynamic companies receiving the quality seal Gold with a growth rate of +20%.

In the rankings, Aumatech is the only company of the industrial area of San Salvo – Vasto being awarded apart from being the only awarded company of the Abruzzo region for the economic sector Industry in the revenue segment under 5 million Euros.

This prize contributes in fact to increment interest by potential partners, customers and investors as well as to acquire new contacts and business possibilities. The seal increases the level of awareness and reputation of the company, as also affirmed by the Director of the German Institute of Quality and Finance, Christian Bieker.

The award isthe result of a long series of investments and strategies that the company management implemented and pursues along with its employees and partners with plenty of work and tenacity.

Aumatech was founded in June 2011 by the three associates Luigi Tereo, Luigi Ciancaglini and Marco Monaco and develops and manufactures machines with a high level of automation for the production of components especially for the automotive sector with customers in Italy and abroad.

This emerges from a survey reported by the section Business&Finance of the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” from 29 January 2018.

In order to detect the most proactive companies, the German Institute of Quality and Finance – Europe’s leading institute for market analyses – and La Repubblica – Business&Finance – have carried out an investigation called “Champions of Growth 2018”.

It is a detailed survey that awards the 300 companies in Italy with the highest expansion rate and increase in turnover in the three-year-period 2013-2016. As presented in the dossier, the companies have been selected using publicly available databases.

To be part of the ranking for the 300 „champions of growth“, the companies had to fulfill some strict requirements such as: a turnover of at least 180.000 euros in 2013 and of at least 2 million euros in 2016, headquarters in Italy, having grown mainly organically without acquiring other companies as business model.

The three most important sectors were identifiedamong the 300 “champions”: retail and wholesale trade, industry and corporate services.

Furthermore, three acknowledgement segments were determined: Diamond: companies with an annual average revenue growth of over 50%. Platinum: companies with an annual average revenue growth of over 30%. Gold: companies with an annual average revenue growth of over 10%.