Aumatech turn to the electric mobility revolution.

Every body talks about the technologyshifting from the endothermic to the electric : the big names in the automotive sector are competing to announce the ever-expanding electrification of their fleet, and the entire electrical supply chain is organized to cover the increasingdemand in the market.

Aumatech has seen the opportunity in the field of battery pack assembly, today still often poor in automation as it is an accessory to the main production process, that of cell production.

After a study of the sector and scouting at the Battery Show in Stuttgart 2019, he designed a process automation solution capable of assembling the finished and conditioned battery packs starting from cylindrical lithium cells, complete with all the initial testing phases (sorting for voltage and resistance) and at the end of the line (charge, charge keeping, total and partial discharge, etc.). The cycle times is between 8 and 40 seconds, depending on the combinations of cells and pack. The solution, designed for packs using garden tools / power tools / e-bikes, lends itself to different areas of use and also to the processing of prismatic cells for automotive.