Aumatech attends enterprises mission in China for robotics, automation, innovation and Chinese commercial culture.

Marco Monaco, founding member of Aumatech participated together with other European companies in the enterprise mission held from 3 to 9 March 2019 in Shanghai and Tianjin in China.

How can the European robotics and automation industry remain internationally competitive and in particular on the Chinese market? Proposed approach: rethinking technology from a different cultural perspective. An intense Chinese robotics, automation, innovation and commercial culture program from 3 to 9 March 2019 in Shanghai and Tianjin.

During the 6-day program, participants visited industry companies and took advantage of networking opportunities, as well as intercultural training courses on business and innovation. One of the highlights was the participation in CIRE / CIEX 2019 in Tianjin.

The impulses on how to spread innovation inside of the company were provided by experienced instructors and developed with the participants. In addition, participants benefited from intercultural training courses on trust building and communication with Chinese business partners. This program did not concern the promotion of its products, but the learning of how to innovate for the Chinese market and how to do business with Chinese partners to establish frugal relations and innovative projects.

The program  is part of the general EASME Horizon 2020 CUBE IN project (Cultural understanding for business expansion and innovation) and, therefore, entirely funded by EASME. The program explicitly addresses the participants of European SMEs in the robotics and automation sector.

Video of the mission