Aumatech is among the top one hundred most representative excellences for its sector in the Abruzzo region

The Symbola Foundation (Foundation for Italian Qualities) based in Rome, promotes and aggregates Italian Qualities. With research, events and projects talk about companies and institutions that improve the country by focusing on innovation and development, beauty and creativity, human capital and territory, in collaboration with the Hubruzzo foundation (Responsible Industry Foundation) based in Avezzano (AQ), its mission is to map and enhance regional industrial excellence to build a brand reputation. Local and global reconciliation that expresses the will to create a network to give value to the industrial system of the Abruzzo Region.These two foundations, within their respective missions, have mapped the Abruzzo production excellence to tell quality experiences, inserting them in a single database that will be updated annually. More than three thousand companies were examined in 2018. Out of five hundred of these there was an in-depth study to select the first hundred excellences most representative of the various productive sectors. Excellencies that will be promoted and narrated, both to local and national stakeholders. The research has number of valences:

  • Reverses the clich├ęs about the Abruzzo industry, to generate new credibility.
  • It allows to make the regional entrepreneurial reality known to Abruzzo people, starting from the same entrepreneurial world, favoring pride of belonging.
  • It’s a qualified “business card” to present the Region outside, attracting new investors.
  • It lays the foundations for building collaboration networks between companies.

Aumatech is among the top one hundred most representative excellences for its production area.

Monday, September 23, 2019, at 10.00 am, at the Petruzzi Auditorium (Via delle Caserme, 24) in Pescara, the Symbola Foundation with Hubruzzo, the Industry Responsible Foundation will present the Report 100 Innovation stories – Abruzzo, a collection of local quality stories .