Aumatech for sustainable mobility

Since the beginning, our company have been focused on technological research and on the choice of local suppliers with specific know-how to build customer trust. Today, Aumatech keep selling machines for automotive components manufacturing (fuel tanks, exterior plastic parts, electric motors) in Europe, Brazil, South Africa, China, and USA, and they are used to produce components for many car manufacturers such as Stellantis, Bentley, Volkswagen, Audi, Bmw, and Toyota. With more than 120 machines installed, Aumatech has a strong presence worldwide.

The personnel employed in engineering and in research and development represents 87% of a young and dynamic staff which is always ready to satisfy market needs. Today, Aumatech provides solutions for the sustainable mobility. From our experience in welding and assembly, we developed automatic solutions for battery assembly, starting from the individual battery cell – cylindrical or prismatic – to the modules and to the final product, always following all the welding, testing, and checking processes to guarantee safety and quality. From our experience with fuel tanks, we focused on composite vessels for compressed gas, from LPG to CNG and hydrogen, the so-called Type IV cylinders. They consist of a plastic core called liner and an outer carbon fiber layer to hold high gas working pressure up to 700 bar in total safety, lightness, and durability.