Aumatech celebrates its 10th Anniversary

On 7th June, Aumatech celebrates its 10 years of activity characterized by the achievement of many goals and the definition of new objectives. Aumatech was founded in 2011 from the experience of its three founding members in the automotive industry. Together with the creativity and the energy of its young and qualified team, this dynamic and forward-looking company operates in 4 business areas: plastic, glass, assembly, and Green Mobility Solutions.

Over the last few years, the company achieved many milestones. In 2018, thanks to the results obtained during the three-year period 2013/2016, Aumatech was awarded “Growth Champion” and was included among the 300 companies considered champions of growth and engines of recovery. In 2019, in addition to the achievement of 100 machines installed all over the world, the company received the Award 4.0 for the values of innovation, research, and ongoing training in Industry 4.0. Indeed, every year Aumatech invests 5% of turnover in Research & Development activities, most recently with the result of achieving the international patent for the Hydrocontest, machine for Type IV vessels 100% hydrostatic testing.

Besides the acquisition of new technologies and the realization of high-performing machines, Aumatech business goals include the adoption of an increasingly strong eco-sustainable approach which is based on low environmental impact technologies and great attention to the monitoring of electricity consumption from the very first phases of designing.

Today, Aumatech proposes innovative solutions not only for the electrical field, but also for the alternative fuels sector, as in the case of hydrogen. As a springboard for launching these solutions and a way to celebrate the anniversary, the company will take part in the first edition of ZeroEmission. This fair is a leading event in the field of renewable energy and for the fight against climate change and Aumatech will be there as an exhibitor with its own stand.