Aumatech’s Green Mobility Solutions at Zeroemission 2021

The month of June saw the reopening of trade fairs and Aumatech participated to Zeroemission, a 2-day show at Piacenza Expo which attracted more than 100 exhibitors and 2500 visitors.

Zeroemission has long been considered a landmark among the exhibitions devoted to renewable energy and sustainable technologies and focused on power industry 2.0 and zero emission electric mobility.

In Zeroemission 2021, Aumatech proposed innovative solutions for battery packs and electric motors assembly emphasizing the sustainable approach used from the very early stages of designing. In addition, the company has long been manufacturing machines to produce CPVs (Composite Pressure Vessels), composite vessels for high pressure gases (LPG, CNG, hydrogen). Finally, Aumatech’s R&D team presented Hydrocontest, a prototype of the hydrostatic testing machine for CPVs.

Many industry experts, which were very interested in company’s solutions, visited the simple and functional stand to better understand all the advantages and features of the products. Aumatech’s team was excellent in providing explanations, information, and details about the features of the products and technologies on display.

With these Green Mobility Solutions, Aumatech runs as a potential leading player in the transition towards a more sustainable mobility.

Aumatech, which celebrated its ten-year anniversary in June, supports its regular expertise in designing and manufacturing of car components in plastic, glass, and composite material, with this new and topical business area with a great potential. Playing with our business mantra, today we can say that “WE RAISE YOUR e-BUSINESS”.