Aumatech joins EBA – H2IT

In Aumatech’s Green Mobility Solutions division are included assembly solutions for batteries and electric motors, as well as the ones for the production of cylindrical pressure vessels (CPV type 4) for the storage of LPG/CNG/Hydrogen gases on the move.

In order to contribute to research and share experiences in these two fields of batteries and hydrogen, in the 2021 summer, Aumatech applied for and was welcomed in two prestigious knowledge-holders clubs such as the European Battery Alliance (EBA) and the Italian association hydrogen and fuel cells (H2IT).

EBA brings together a community of over 600 operators in whole Europe. It is an initiative launched by the EU to build a European battery supply chain, from the chemistry of raw materials to the final product. Its goal is the creation of a solid and integrated continental industry, which can operate by 2025 as a large domestic market thus benefiting competitiveness and ecological transition goals’ achievement.

H2IT instead brings together about 80 subjects, a mix of economic operators, research centers and industry associations, willing to collaborate in promoting the development of the Italian market relating to the production, storage and use of hydrogen. An active and proactive club that collaborates with the Government to draw up the guidelines, both regulatory and operational, of the energy revolution that hydrogen can trigger.

The motivation that drives us is this: Alongside the best to grow, contributing to growth.