InnovAzioni Award 2021

On November 23rd 2021, at the Aurum hall in Pescara, ended the 8th edition of innovAzioni – Tools and solutions for growth, the national innovation festival organized by the local section of Confindustria,. This edition saw an extraordinary participation of over 40 competing projects of high quality. Aumatech won with the Hydrocontest project. Hydrocontest HC 98-19: a hydrostatic testing machine for 4th generation containers in composite material used for the storage of methane gas and hydrogen at high pressures, of simple design but with sophisticated performances. The result is a clear improvement of the process in terms of reduction of production costs, lower cost of labor and ancillary services, reduction of time and increase in safety. Water is used for the test and is moreover reusable..

The company dedicates the award to all its employees who, with commitment, professionalism and passion, contribute daily to the growth of the company and to innovate the fabric of our region and our country.

Aumatech, founded in 2011, is making an ever-increasing contribution to sustainability by turning its gaze to new and greener paths. It deals with machinery for the production of gas containers in high pressure composite material, Composite Pressure Vessels (CPV) Type IV, characterized by cutting-edge technology in terms of safety, lightness and durability. Designs production and assembly solutions for modules and battery packs including electric motors. These green mobility solutions, along with an eco-friendly approach, characterize its business processes.