Battery pack Assembly line

The portfolio of Aumatech’s Green Mobility Solutions division for battery pack/module assembly and prototyping is expanding.

Aumatech has finalized the installation of a low automation level solution for energy storage applications in maritime transport. The customer’s requirement was for the flexibility of the finishing operations on the battery pack and the completeness of the electrical tests, having to vary between different final configurations of packs downstream of the pre-existing module line.

The solution designed by Aumatech met expectations for:

  • integration with the previous line and with the factory systems already present
  • wide range of possible processes/customizations
  • interactivity solution to guide the operator in the sequence of operations to be carried out and at the same time visual inspection of the components and the completion of the phases
  • lean and ergonomic designing, preferring light handling systems that are easy and quick to use

Scalability of the solution, balance between required budget and available functionality, plus a PL-outperforming policy focus on operator safety: the battery pack final assembly and testing operations can follow-on.

Safe manufacturing made easy!