In this activity are present all Aumatech skills, for production process automation based on customer needs. The offered solutions are different and in different application areas in particular in Automotive industries. Machines with high production capacity (6 sec. / Piece) were made, both single and complete automatic assembly lines with free pallet transport, automatic workstations, palletisers for loading / unloading components, etc. Realizing not only new assembly-line machines but also intervening on existing production methods, increasing production capacity, reducing labor and increasing process control: zero errors.

Aumatech approach

The Aumatech approach, in all projects, is the complete customer assistance in all phases of design, manufacturing, installation and machines maintenance.

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Aumatech supports its customers during commercial design phase without any commitment .

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Electric Mobility

In order to answer to market demands regarding the electric power that is increasingly in the various sectors in particular on mobility, within the R&D activity, Aumatech has started to develop the first solutions for automatic assembly lines of battery pack both cylindrical and prismatic batteries including welding with resistance and laser technology, offering turnkey solutions including control / selection equipment, EOL testing and Aging tests.