In the market is increasing demand for products and components made with high technology for weight reduction and with complex shapes for different uses.

In this context, Aumatech manufactures machinery used in the production of composite pressure vessels with plastic liners and reinforced through a process with filament winding and other materials. Pressure vessels for for gas propane LPG, natural gas CNG , and Hydrogen but also for compresser air and water filtering system.

In this context Aumatech designs and builds:

  • handling solution with robot;
  • weighting ;
  • post cooling and forming;
  • boss part welding or gluing;
  • boss parts and shaft assembly ;
  • boss parts and shaft feedin equipment;
  • surface flame treatment with robot ;
  • ring feeding and pre-heating devices ;
  • low pressure test 2 bar
  • hydrostatic pressure test with air at 30bar ;
  • leak tester with helium;
  • deflashing, lost dome cutting , internal machining, threading , edge machining and finishing ;

Aumatech approach

The Aumatech approach, in all projects, is the complete customer assistance in all phases of design, manufacturing, installation and machines maintenance.

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Aumatech supports its customers during commercial design phase without any commitment.

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In partnership with other company is possible to supply complete composite pressure vessels production line with turnkey solution.

The latest-generation composite cylinders are made with helically twisted fibers, combined with the resin, offering unique features including lightness, non-explosive, translucent and environmentally friendly.

The composite cylinders are also UV-resistant and non-permeable, thanks to the special design that prevents the cylinder from any type of damage or corrosion. They have an outer casing that can be customized and branded. The high-quality heavy-duty housing also reduces maintenance and a universal valve connection, which makes it suitable for all types of valves.