Green Mobility Solutions

In Aumatech we deeply care about the future of our planet, and we always ask ourselves: how sustainable is the mobility we work for? We believe that our contribute to sustainability can always be improved, so we turned our attention into new, greener paths.

Our expertise in tank systems for fossil fuels or service liquids, such as urea, better known under the name ‘AdBlue’, gave us inspiration to look at gas cylinders. We are referring to Composite Pressure Vessels (CPV) Type IV, carring a leading-edge technology in terms of safety, lightness, and durability.

Our deep experience in the assembly field for the automotive industry, took us to assembly solutions designing for battery packs and electric motors.

These green mobility solutions, together with the ecofriendly approach applied in our business processes, allowed us to attain in 2021 the BRONZE rating level for ESG criteria by Ecovadis auditing company.




CPV (Composite Pressure Vessel)

In tomorrow’s mobility Hydrogen will find a key role, while in present one CNG represents a good solution in terms of availability, cost and low environmental impact.

Aumatech manufactures machines used in pressure vessels production for hydrogen and CNG storage, known as CPV. Differently from traditional steel cylinders, the main features of these latest generation of composite vessels are lightness, safety, and durability.

CPV can be used for LPG, CNG, and hydrogen storage, but also for compressed air and water filtering systems.

Our approach to CPV has been as sustainable as possible: starting from the right choice of plastic, down to all the parameters involved such as energy consumption, thickness, extended lifecycle, disposal, among others.

Our competence in designing, plastic welding, handling, finishing and testing operations allowed us to offer turn-key solutions for the whole manufacturing process of CPV, under customer specification.

Battery packs assembly

Electricity and its storage device have been part of our lives since early 19th century. But just recently the two above all together have found the right path to the market for large-scale diffusion.

We find ourselves in the electricity-storage era: both the way we produce and storage electricity matter.

For us, it took a blink of an eye to turn our expertise in assembly projects for the demanding Automotive industry into designing solutions for the raising battery one. All operations involved are daily routine at Aumatech.

From pilot line up to fully automated high cadency lines, there is always a comprehensive solution for the market under customer specification required, and we are right here to design!

Electrical motors assembly

Key player in sustainable mobility is transport electrification. Indeed, BEV (Battery electric vehicles) are becoming increasingly popular as they help to reduce polluting emissions.

Aumatech proposes innovative solutions for DC motors and gearmotors assembly and testing lines for general applications, and permanent magnet – DC brushless (PMSM-BLDC) for electric vehicles.

Our machines integrate various automatic or semiautomatic workplaces, and they are highly customizable. Machine designing complies with Industry 4.0 standards and can be used to produce and test different models and versions.

Hydrocontest – on line CPV’s testing

We looked at the production cycle of CPV manufacturers and we realized that hydrostatic pressure testing was a sample operation which was managed off-line.

Basically, we took up also the automotive challenge of this stage of the process from which derives the on-line testing machine Hydrocontest: a simple concept, but sophisticated performance.

Totally eco-sustainable: in the process of testing, it uses just water with no waste. Basically, at the end of the process, water flows into a storage tank from where is properly treated and becomes available again.

So much innovation led to the international patent filed at UIBM, the best possible acknowledgment for our R&D activities.