Aumatech specializes in the production of machines for finishing and welding plastic materials to be applied in the automotive, household appliances and consumer industries. Plastic products can be processed with different technologies (hot plate, infrared, vibration, ultrasonic and laser technology). Each machine can work both on its own (standalone) and integrated in a production line and is realized according to customer specifications.

In 2018, Aumatech launched a new line of welding machine for plastic materials which is called ONE. In addition, the company developed two process control software:

  • Aumatech Infrared Scan: for infrared thermographic scanning before welding.
  • AumatechScan: for product traceability with Bar Code, QR Code, and Datamatrix readers/writers.

Thanks to the experience in the automotive glass industry, Aumatech can supply robotic cells for automatic application of Primer and Cleaner on plastic components.


Aumatech approach

The Aumatech approach, in all projects, is the complete customer assistance in all phases of design, manufacturing, installation and machines maintenance.

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Aumatech supports its customers during commercial design phase without any commitment .

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Fuel Filler Pipes

Machines for cutting, finishing, welding and assembly of fuel Fille Pipes with continuity control , flow , and leak test.

Fuel Tank

Machine for cutting, finishing, welding and assembly of Fuel tank diesel/gasoline with FDM assembly , electronic control , leak test with air , water or helium and components check

Ad Blue Tank

The machine are very similar to those manufactured for fuel tank. In this case the technology is different because the tanks can be obtained either through the blow molding process or by injection . For those obtained by injection we realize machine for welding of upper and lower shells and pump module (ADM)

ONE series

The machine are standard and made with three different sizes ( small-medium-large) to cover the various products dimensions. Are used hot plate , ultrasonic , infrared and today in testing phase laser welding technology. The machines are full electric and . Le macchine , completamente elettriche, can be customized according to the customer’s production needs

Download the ONE series brochure.


Machine for other use

To complete the range of solutions, Aumatech manufactures machines for the production of plastic containers and plastic components. This is the case of the deflashing  machine machine both on containers for general use and IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container). Machine for elimination of scrap on pipes and automatic palletizing of plastic boxes.