Aumatech Protagonist In The 4th Industrial Revolution

Pescara – Aumatech was present at the event which was held in Pescara February 25, 2016 at Aurum, Fabbrica delle  Idee . A comparison between suppliers and users of industrial automation business on the territory of Central Italy with more than 200 participants at the open forum. Organized by SPS IPC Drives Italy that has chosen this year  Abruzzo  Region with the aim to approach the production companies of  Centre Italy and meet local businesses. The search for new competitiveness and revitalization of national manufacturing go through new technologies. digital factories and modern production processes are the basis of Industry 4.0. Big Data, IoT, robotics, augmented reality, simulation and predictive maintenance are all key elements for achieving the mass customization required by consumers.The term Know-how 4.0 used  in the open forum comes from expression  Industrie 4.0 that was used for the first time at the Hannover Exhibition on 2011 in Germany. In October 2012 a working group dedicated to Industrie 4.0, chaired by Siegfried Dais of the multinational engineering and electronics Robert Bosch GmbH and Henning Kagermann of Acatech (German Academy of Science and Engineering) presented to the German Federal Government a series of recommendations for its implementation. On 8 April 2013, the annual Hannover Exhibition, was released the final report of the working group.Until now the Western world industrial revolutions were three: on 1784 with the birth of the steam engine and consequently the exploitation of water and steam power to mechanize the production; on 1870 with the start of mass production through the increasingly widespread use of electricity, the advent of the internal combustion engine and the increased use of oil as a new energy source; on 1970 with the emergence of information technology, from which sprang the digital age intended to increase the levels of automation making use of electronic systems and IT (Information Technology). The starting date of the fourth industrial revolution is not yet established, probably because it is still under way and only in retrospect will be possible to indicate the founding act. The topic was the focus of the World Economic Forum 2016, January 20 to 24 in Davos (Switzerland), entitled “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution”.Aumatech could not miss this important event. It ‘s very sensitive to this argument since the foundation, in fact result in its mission : innovation, designs and builds machines with high level of automation using  advanced technology standards  in the automotive market using innovative solutions to make the production of its customers  completely automated and more and more interconnected. Contributing effectively as the protagonist in the 4th Industrial Revolution.