Aumatech is located in San Salvo, in the province of Chieti, in the Abruzzo Region, Italy, was founded in2011 by Marco Monaco, Luigi Ciancaglini and Luigi Tereo, all with twenty years of experience in the design and construction of machines for the automotive industry. The company has always focused on technologicalresearch and on the choice of local suppliers with specific know-how to gain customer confidence. Today,Aumatech machines for the production of windscreens, backlites, fuel tanks, exterior plastic components for cars and vessels in composite materials are sold in Europe, Brazil, China, Russia and the United States and are used by car manufacturers such as Bentley , Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Fiat Chrysler. Each machines designed and manufactured in-house and tested in front of the customer, with the guarantee of installationand assistance in any country in the world.

The decision to invest even when the market was in crisis and did not support the growth rates of the company, proved to be successful: thanks to the constant increase in turnover and personnel, the construction of a new plant in 2017 was necessary. Aumatech was included in 2018 among the 300 Italian companies champions of growth and engines of recovery. On a database of over 7 million companies, Affari & Finanza and the German Institute of Quality and Finance have chosen the young reality in province of Chieti for having increased its turnover by 20% in the three-year period 2013-2016. In the 2014-2017 three-year period the growth was 27%. Another milestone that allowed Aumatech to be included in the ranking of the Sole24ore-Statista of the 350 Leading Growth Companies 2019.

Aumatech approach

The Aumatech approach, in all projects, is the complete customer assistance in all phases of design, manufacturing, installation and machines maintenance. We manufacture robust and durables machines to be able to work with JIS (Just in Sequence) production, with attention to quality, safety, the environment and the territory.

  • An eco-sustainable approach : In Aumatech attention to the environment is a very important aspect. From the design we consider the ISO50001 standard which aims at reducing energy consumption and disposing of used materials.
  • In support of the territory : Aumatech helps to nurture the territory in which it’s located, providing time and space for students to carry out work-based learning paths. He also participates in the Scuolalocale project in which he collaborates with the schools to produce active orientation, talkabout work-based learning, make own professional profiles known to the students and sensitize the new generations on important topics such as industry 4.0 or artificial intelligence.
  • Safety : on our machines , manufactured in accordance with current EU standard 2006/42/EC, a systematic risk analysis take place by the calculation of Performace Level and , when required, further safety certification by third parties .
  • Research & Development: every machine produced by Aumatech is a “unique piece”, in every realization there is space for research and optimization. Among the values of Aumatech there is the lesson learning: never repeat the same mistakes. Established practices such as the systematic application of the FMEA allow us to achieve ever better levels of robustness and quality over time. Every year we invest about 5% of our turnover in Research & Development to acquire new technologies and create new machinery.

Added value services

Aumatech offer service to reach the full customer satisfaction , such as:

  • CUSTOMIZATION for total customization of customer needs
  • PARTNERSHIP with customer to prepare quotation for complete project
  • METROLOGY SERVICE , for measurement and test

  • CERTIFICATION Safety and I4.0 third part certification
  • RETROFITTING and improvement on existing machine
  • CFD Cad Dymanics Fluid simulation


Luigi Ciancaglini
Partner & Engineering – Purchasing Director

Luigi Tereo
Partner & Mechanic Design Projects Manger

Marco Monaco
Partner & Sales and Managing Director